Twitter Bootstrap 1.4 Documentation

Twitter Bootstrap is s a front-end css toolkit to help in rapid prototyping of web apps. Thanks to the good folks at Twitter, this open-source project is intended for developers like me with unspectacular design skills.
Common front-end concerns such as layouts, admin forms, grids, typography, etc. are easily done and reused at a fraction of the time.

The 2.0 release was out early this year of 2012; with many new features and changes. As of this writing though, the 1.x documentation was replaced with the newer version. For existing users like me, I have live in-project projects still using the 1.4 branch. I see no immediate need for an upgrade; I may start a 2.0 branch when I have the time. Many people are interested with the older docs as well.

With this I am hosting a temporary copy of the 1.4 documentation for everybody’s benefit; until such time when there’s an official one.

Link to the Twitter Bootstrap 1.4 Documentation copy



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