Flat UI Kit Demo on Bootstrap 2 Docs

Hello again.

I’ve been following Bootstrap since their 1.x release. The project as of this date has already gained a huge huge following, a whooping 49k stars in Github; it’s the most starred project.

Then, just recently, there’s this another gift to the Bootstrap community: @designmodo’s Flat-UI Free. Its a User Interface Kit / Theme for Bootstrap that is, as of 2012-2013, is hip and stylish given the trend on an alternative “flatter” UI design (e.g. Windows 8, Google+).

Now, my search yields empty in finding a comprehensive demo of Flat-UI Kit. So I’ve hacked together a quick demonstration by applying the Flat-UI css and js markup to the stock Bootstrap 2.x documentation.

Below you’ll see the comparison between stock Bootstrap (blue button) vs. with Flat-UI styles applied (green button).

flat-ui stock-bootstrap

Checkout Bootstrap 2.3.1 Documentation with the Flat-UI style applied.


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